Tuesday, June 2, 2009

{Chicken Salad}

This recipe is good for big or small groups

Chicken Breast or tenders, Cooked. I like to season it with a little of the lemon pepper and cook it in the oven. I think it tastes better, but you can do it however you like. For diiner group I did like 3-4 packages of tenders.
1-2 bunches of Celery
3-4 red onions
Sliced Almonds
red grapes, sliced
Lemon Pepper -add before cooking chicken and when mixing
Season salt

The first 3 ingredients I put in the food processor. I do the chicken,first. You add it to a large bowl or a couple of large bowls depending how much you make. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix real good. I just eye everything, but If you do 4 packages of chicken. I would divide 2 packages in each bowl and then add 5-7 celery stalks and 1 1/2-2 red onions. The rest it just depends on what you like. You want to do enough mayo so it's not dry, but you don't want to do to much so that's all you taste. Just add some then mix it until you get it just right. It's very yummy on croissants or crackers.

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